Dimension warwood design was founded in xiamen in 2009, and has been working in professional interior design since its inception. Professional range: hotel design, headquarter office, residential real estate, high-end club catering, commercial space decoration and functional planning etc. Adhering to the concept of "design creation value, professional promotion quality", we are committed to creating high quality indoor space.
Perfect company system, sound management, with great concentration is committed to long-term development in the field of interior design, with active thinking and unique creativity for the general customers to create the many practical and beautiful combined with the project, has a number of highly qualified professional and technical personnel and professional personnel, with professional team, the space of tribute. To specialize in segmentation, achievement height. We are based in xiamen and serve the whole country. While providing design services for our customers, we also actively absorb the rich and diverse indoor culture of various countries, and we will be the leader of the interior design trend.

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